I.LEAD Lite 2021

Faith In The Time of Uncertainty

October 8 - 10, 2021

Alsalamalykoum warahmatullahi wabaraktuhu,

The I.LEAD 2021 team is pleased to announce I.LEAD Lite 2021!

Goal: The goal of this committee is to mutually organize and efficiently accomplish an Islamic conference for all age groups in the National Capital Region, in order to help bridge the gap between the community and deen, and vice versa. This goal extends to turn our people into leaders in the familial, communal, religious and professional aspects of their life, with emphasis on the youth, and to display Islam according to its merciful essence. 

I.LEAD Lite 2021 is a 3-day hybrid approach to an uncertain future with COVID-19. In order to cater to the entire Ottawa-Gatineau community, we will have a smaller community event with two components: online and in-person (i.e. hybrid). 

The online component will be through Zoom, accessible from anywhere, and free of cost to our community. 

The in-person component will be held at a local masjid, will include workshops, bazaar, and requires tickets to be purchased by attendees. 

This event will be a “teaser” event to the bigger conference; the Executive Committee will continue to plan for an in-person March 2022 I.LEAD Conference inshaAllah. 

We ask the community to make dua` for the I.LEAD Team as they work tirelessly to make this event happen!

Barak Allahufeekum, wasalamalykoum warahmatullahi wabaraktuhu,

I.LEAD Marketing Team