Children’s Program

KidsLEAD Program Details

This program is open to kids ages 7-12 years with the purchase of the kids ticket ($15).  You will also need to fill out the online form as there are limited spots on a first come first serve basis. Entry on the day of the conference is not guaranteed.

Here is a brief summary of the program:

  • Arrival: Children with their parents or guardians who have registered for the children's program, purchased their ticket, and received the bracelet from the main registration desk will come to the children’s conference program welcome desk at 10:30 AM at the earliest. If you have not completed these steps will be sent back to the registration table (if space in the program is still available)
  • Activities: Children will take part in a number of fun activities throughout the day. All special needs children must be supervised by their parents at all times in the children's program as the program is run by volunteers and we do not have any volunteers with special education training.

  • Rules: Children must be respectful of volunteers. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated from any children or parents, and will require us to call security. Secondly, we reserve the right to make changes as needed to the program and schedule.
  • Departure: Departure: All children must be picked up at the latest by 6:00 PM from the Children's Program. Children picked-up earlier must be signed-out by the parents. If children are not picked up by 7:30 PM parents will be charged an added fee of $5 every half an hour.

By participating in the children's program, you agree to the conditions listed above.

How to Register for the Program

Step 1 - Fill out the registration form below

Register for the KidsLEAD Program

Step 2 - Purchase a kid's ticket ($15) from your local masjid or on our website by clicking here.

Step 3 - On Saturday, March 21 please go to the registration table to receive your bracelet and enter the conference hall. Make your way to the room where the children's program will take place to leave your children in the morning. At the end of the day please pick them up before 6:00 PM.